Application: Building wiring for surface or above ceiling wiring or direct embeded in plaster

  • thw.JPG
    Application: Building wiring for installation on insulator or in raceway, dry location

  • thw-a.JPG
    Application: For aerial cable (Service & Main) Color: Black

  • nyy.JPG
    Application: For installation exposed, or in raceway, wet or dry location, or direct burial in ground

  • vct.JPG
    Application: For mobile-electrical equipment used in mines, factories, farm or household appliances. this cable is suitable for use in places where cables come in contact with oils...

  • vsf.JPG
    Application: For marking cores connection between ternimals inside appliances, instrument or apparatus Numberof core Nominalcrosssectionalarea(mm²) Numberanddiameterof wire(No/m...

  • vkf.jpg
    Application: For household appliances, electrical equipement and electrical illumination VKF 2 x 0.5 VKF 2 x 1

  • twist.jpg
    สายลำโพง TWIST VTF 2x1.5 VTF 2x2.5 สี: เทาแถบดำ ยี่ห้อ: Thai Yazaki ความยาว: 100m น้ำหนักโดยประมาณ: 4.2kg

  • fire alarm.jpg
    Fire alarm system cable, 16 AWG, (2 x 1.50mm2)