Legrand Group

Bticino since 1989 is part of Legrand Group, the world's largest company in low voltage switch, socket, breaker and new electronic functionality for Home, Office, Hotel market. 

Design & Technology 

Bticino is well known, trusted trademark in over 100 countries around the world, communicating values of quality and technology with the finest design

Universal Solution 

More than 300 functionality to cover all the need in term of lighting safety, communication energy saving. Flush mounted, surface mounted and water proof solution to asure the quality and safety you need for your project.

Safety First

Electrical installation give comfort to all our homes but can be dangerous. Bticino assure you safety at the most affordable price. 

Comfort and Peace of Mind 

Sophisticated functions while easy to use. The auxiliary sensors including the timer, motion sensors, and lux sensors allow the users to easily be in control of their daily routine. Turning on and off lightings, sprinklers, and other tedious timely tasks never been easier. 

  • magic advance.JPG
    Classic - Heavy Duty - Universal SolutionBticino designed Magic Advance focusing on high quality and safety standards, with emphasis on comfort and aesthetics.ทีซีโนได้ออกแบบ รุ่น ...

  • matix.JPG
    Universal SolutionInstallabilityinstallation in wall or plasterboard boxes, horizontally, vertically and in the centreFunctionsAble to use with varieties of functions such as Therm...

  • ปลั้ก matix สีเงิน.jpg
    Matix (สีเงิน) AM 5501 A 1 ช่อง AM 5502 A 2 ช่อง AM 5503 A 3 ช่อง

  • bamboo.JPG
    Affordable SafetyFit every requirement of a quality product for public, office and residence as well as competitive cost dwelling.สวิตช์และเต้ารับ ที่พร้อมด้วยฟังชั่นท์การทำงานที่ห...

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    Easy & Reliableใช้งานง่ายและเชื่อถือได้